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Simple Micro Mortgage - Home Equity Loans From $10,000-$50,000

Access to innovative Lending

Low Documentation Loans

No Traditional Appraisals

6.99% - 12.99% Fixed APR

Easy, fast and Secure

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It’s a home
improvement loan

Does your dream home demand perfection? A Token Home Equity loan will allow you to to use you to use your funds for whatever upgrades you desire.

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It’s a loan to
invest in crypto

Allows you to combine several high interest loans into a single with a low fixed rate and monthly payment.

It’s a Debt
Consolidation Loan
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How it works

Use your home equity
to qualify

Get a free home valuation

Complete your loan application

Accept your pre-approved offer

Start using your funds for all your micro needs

The average U.S. homeowners has $153,000 in “tappable” home equity.

Black Knight, 2022


Don’t just take our word for it.

Recent Home Buyer

“After I bought my home, it felt like all my money was tied up. But I still wanted to remodel small items in my home. A Token Home Equity loan helped me accomplish my small remodeling goals and make the house feel more like mine.”


Jessica, West Bloomfield MI

Long Time Homeowner

“I was looking to remodel my kitchen, but did not want to pull a full home equity loan. I knew my budget and had the extra funds set aside to complete my task. I could have just placed the remaining budget on a credit card, but I decided to take out a Token Home Equity loan. I am so happy I made the decision to do so. With low-interest rates my remodeling project became long-term affordable.”


Dylan, San Fransisco CA

Loan Originator

“A home equity loan can be a great tool for homeowners to use, but they typically require a lot of paperwork and time. In the past year, my customers have been asking for a product that is quick, easy and allows them to take out a smaller amount than a traditional home equity loan. Now all I have to do is send them a link and Token Home Equity does the rest.”


Robert, Pontiac MI


Questions? We have your answers

Token Home Equity is an autonomous lending platform that has minimized the lending process. It bridges the gap between traditional home equity loans and refinances. With a micro loan you can use your funds for all of your mini home projects or finances.  

What is Token Home Equity?

You have to be a homeowner to qualify for the loan and your name must appear on the mortgage in order to qualify for the loan.

How do I qualify? 

It’s simple, skip the hassle and macro waiting time. Getting a Micro Home Equity loan is fast, easy and all online. If you are homeowner you can qualify for a Token Home Equity Loan in three easy steps. 

How does a Token Home Equity work?

Checking your offer does not affect your credit score. Only if you accept and finalize your application to get your loan offer will we do a hard credit check. 

Will this effect my credit score? 

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